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Our history

The founder of PelviFly is Urszula Herman, Phd at the Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University, who has been fascinated by pelvic floor muscles for 7 years. She has devoted all her scientific works to this issue.

First she founded Force Feminite Foundation and helped female patients and later came the idea of using new technologies and cooperating with the engineers from Stanford University in Silicon Valley, USA. PelviFly uses kGoal intravaginal probe.

After two years of common efforts, clinical research and cooperating with women, it was possible to work out some complex, effective and efficient solutions to problems with pelvic floor muscles.

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Right at the start the project met with recognition and confidence among women affiliated within the Foundation of Entrepreneurial Women Network. PelviFly was invested in by Anielice Biznesu (Business Angels) from Black Swan Fund – the women who reached their own business success while running companies or comanaging big corporations. Apart from the capital they brought in mentoring.

Currently while already having solutions and more than 150 active patients, PelviFly is working on the second version of its platform and the device, and the team includes as mamy as 7 people.

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Urszula Herman

I believe I can build a better world

Inspired by changes, persistent in what we've been doing, we're constantly looking for new solutions to help women overcome barriers and solve old problems.

We believe that while discovering in women their real agency and power to take actions, we're helping build a better world.

That is why we are trying to support women in their fight with inconveniences and show them that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Urszula Herman,
PelviFly Founder

Our team

Urszula Herman

Scientist, a pioneer in implementing innovative telemedical solutions in prophylaxis and treating pelvic floor dysfunction. While cooperating with the engineers and designers from Death Valley in the USA she devised and created a unique algorithm of exercises which she tested in her scientific research. The laureate of many awards for scientific achievements.

PelviFly Founder

Urszula Herman

Gabriel Herman

a graduate of the Academy of Economics in Cracow. For 9 years he worked as a Sales Director in the Bank of Commerce, he supported the project right from the start and for PelviFly decided to leave his job at the bank. He holds prestigious financial licences recognised worldwide.

Vice President

Gabriel Herman

Mentor/Lead Investor

Dorota Korzeniowska


Marzena Hope

expert / technical partner

Expert/Professional Partner

Ewelina Tyszko-Bury

Marta Majorczyk

Telemedicine Expert

Natalia Szostek

Telemedicine Expert

Joanna Rudnicka

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