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Love Boost – for couples


Love Boost is a set for couples who want to get to know their bodies better and do something good for their health, intimacy, and mutual pleasure.

The training set includes two devices that connect with dedicated apps and make it possible to exercise pelvic floor muscles. You’ll be able to watch the activity of your muscles in real time and play the game in the app, collect points, maneuver through obstacles, and move up different levels of difficulty.

The awareness of your mutual needs and taking care of each other in the context of your intimate life is crucial to make your sex life good. Pelvic floor muscles play an important – and active – part during sex and help you get more pleasure and satisfaction from it. By exercising pelvic floor muscles, men can last longer in bed and improve the quality of their erection. And some women can master the mysterious kabazzah technique, which involves making oneself and the partner reach an orgasm using only pelvic floor muscle contractions, without any frictional motion. 

Starting a pelvic floor muscle workout training plan together is also a great way to raise the subject of your mutual needs, take care of each other, and spice up your relationship

A healthy pelvic floor is not just better sex. It’s also a way to prevent urinary incontinence, back pain, constipations, and a supplement to your workout routine to let you achieve better results. If you’re planning to have a baby, pelvic floor muscle exercises will be an important step in the preparation to pregnancy and childbirth. 

Thanks to Love Boost, you’ll be able to spend time together in a pleasant and useful way. Also, each of you will get an opportunity to have an online consultation session with a physiotherapist.

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The Love Boost set includes two packages: a package with the PelviFly intravaginal device and a package with the PelviFly Boost external saddle. 

Training package with the PelviFly intravaginal device: 

  • an intravaginal device with a 360o manometric (pressure) sensor which enables precise monitoring of the activity of the pelvic floor. The device adjusts its shape and size to your individual anatomy thanks to the inflation feature.
  • access to a mobile app with exercises, regular muscle tests, and training reminders (the app is available in the following languages: Polish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian)
  • a set of instructions on how to start the training and a knowledge base with information about pelvic floor muscles
  • a special 14-day training plan to let you become familiar with the quality of the highest level of care. When the plan ends, you will be able to choose the plan you wish to exercise in. You can continue exercising without any additional fees or decide to use an extended range of features of the app if you go for a paid plan.  
  • application of vibration supporting your workout and relaxation (we’ve designed 3 vibrotherapy protocols)

The set includes: a PelviFly intravaginal device, a USB charger, a user manual, a case, a box
Delivery: the device will be sent within 72 hours from the moment your payment is credited to our account

Training package with the PelviFly Boost external device: 

  • an external device for exercising pelvic floor muscles with a free app (languages: Polish and English). What does the training look like? You sit on the device, connect with the app, and exercise by following the instructions displayed on the phone.
  • a personalized training plan adapted to your individual workout intensity 
  • a possibility to exercise at any time by playing selected games – designed with the use of the UNITY technology 
  • a compendium of knowledge with practical tips and rules of exercise
  • progress monitoring and access to results presented in the form of charts and parameters.

The set includes: a PelviFly Boost device, a USB charger, a user manual

Delivery: the PelviFly device will be sent within 72 hours from the moment your payment is credited to our account. 

Returns after delivery: You can return the device within 14 days of receiving it only if the original packaging has not been opened.


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Pytania & Odpowiedzi

Are you ready to take control?

I've read on the Internet that by strengthening pelvic floor muscles you can also improve the quality of your sexual life. I didn't believe in that but I was determined and so decided to try. That's how I came across PelviFly. I've been excited since I started exercising. PelviFly is my best friend.

Monica, 26
Self-aware woman

I have already taken care of myself, and you?

Just by chance at some conference I met some physiotherapists from the Jagiellonian University who invited me to a project of mobile exercises of pelvic floor muscles. After consultation with the gynaecologist and physiotherapist I exercised by means of the device, application and without leaving home, which is important for me as I have a small baby. I was also sure I was doing it properly because every day I got information about the results from the specialist.
After about 4 weeks I noticed fewer symptoms and after 3 months of exercising I could get rid of panty liners.

Lauren, 28
Young mother

I have already taken care of myself, and you?

Urinary incontinence was very embarrassing for me and it limited my life for a couple of years but I thought that it was normal at an old age. Finally I went to a gynaecologist who suggested a very modern solution i.e. exercising without leaving home with PelviFly. At the beginning I was scared and didn't think I would handle it, but after a few lessons it turned out that the application was very easy. Additionally, I know that in case of any problems I can always contact a specialist because I am under their constant supervision.

Veronica, 56
Mature woman

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