Have you ever wet yourself
when laughing?

Or maybe you peed a little...




jumping on the trampoline

Why is it worth exercising those muscles?

The muscles of the pelvic floor help with bladder control. They are like a hammock that supports internal organs.
Studies have shown that the key to counteracting urinary incontinence is regular exercise of your pelvic floor to improve muscle endurance. This supports the health of slow-twitch muscle fibers
Strength is built by long-lasting training with the use of moderate, controlled up to 20% of the maximum contraction force) force interspersed with conscious loosening.

Strength is built by periodic, controlled contractions at up to 20% of your maximum squeeze level, interspersed with conscious loosening of your pelvic floor muscles.

Only 30% of women practice properly

We can help you. As many as 70% of women with urinary incontinence can be cured without surgery and without taking drugs and supplements. How?”

Check how PelviFly can help you

How to practice correctly?

The first effects of the exercises appear after 6 weeks, but it takes more than 6 months for the muscles of the pelvic floor to start working automatically. Exactly in those moments when you need it the most!


Cognitive Phase 1-2 months

You'll start to recognize your muscles, start to feel them and consciously work with them. You'll learn how to control your breath during training.


Associative Stage 3-5 months

You'll begin to control your muscles and control their movement. You'll build strength and endurance. You'll able to perform more complex motion tasks.


Autonomous Stage 6-12 months

Your muscles will start to act automatically in different situations, preventing urine leakage. Movement patterns will work instinctive during strenuous activity.

Solutions available on market are imperfect

Geisha balls

You exercise your muscular strength, but not their endurance. You do not control the important phase of training - loosening


It is an artificial stimulation of muscles with lower efficiency than a natural contraction. Used temporarily only in situations where you are not able to generate a contraction yourself

Supplements and medicines

Unfortunately, drugs do not affect the condition of the muscles and the functioning of the body. They will not do the job for you

Laser treatment

The treatment revitalizes the vagina but is often not effective in the permanent treatment of urinary incontinence. However, if you choose this path, you should train your pelvic floor muscles before and after.

Each invasive procedure carries a risk of complications

Transient urinary retention 1.4-15%
Constant urinary retention 2.4-2.8%
Erosion of the vagina 0.7-33%
Erosion of the urethra 2.7-33%
Urinary urgency de novo 7.2-25%
Bladder erosion 0.5-0.6%
Bladder outlet obstruction 3.6-6.4%


How PelviFly works?

By purchasing dedicated packages you get a holistic solution to your problem


Experienced gynecologist

Will assess the structure of the pelvic floor. They'll verifies the need for pharmacological support

Certified physiotherapist

Will assess the pelvic floor functionally and teach you how to properly activate the muscles

Individual training plan

Adapted to your parameters based on a muscle test that you will do yourself at home

You can use device at home

It monitors the muscles and allows you to control the correctness of the exercises. Made of medical silicone adapts to your body

Training application

Illustrates the work of muscles on the screen of the phone in the form of animation in it. There are tasks prepared by a specialist in it

Care of a PelviFly medical specialist

Will help you achieve your goals and choose the right workout plan. You can ask a question at any time


Interesting games informed by biomechanics effectively motivate you to exercise regularly
Urządzenie PelviFly

With PelviFly you control the strength of your muscle on an ongoing basis, which allows you to build them strength

Correctly performed exercises involve slow and fast twitch fibers. You see butterflies, and the specialist has advanced graphs of your muscle activity

Exercise monitoring

The application monitors the course of your exercises

Virtual trainer

You can see with what strength do the exercise and when to rest


We make sure that the exercises are performed correctly

PelviFly Care + Subscription SMART

780 PLN + 24 USD monthly

Telephone consultation with an experienced physiotherapist – they will recommend you the optimal training path  

The care of a PelviFly specialist for 1 month – you can ask questions at any time  

Exercise with device at home – it’ll monitor the work of your muscle

Diagnostic test of pelvic floor muscles to be performed at home – it will be interpreted for you by our staff  

Mobile training application – illustrates the work of muscles on the screen of the phone  

An individual exercise plan based on a muscle test – tailored to your fitness and purpose

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