Do you know that Kegel exercises might improve the quality of your sexual life?

Nearly 30% of women say that they would like to improve the quality of their sexual life, but they don't know where to look for information about what they can do.

Why should a self-aware woman exercise?

Satisfaction with sexual life is an important element of life. When the woman masters 'the art of muscle play' she can use it during sex and increase her own pleasure as well as that of her partner.

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Regular Kegel exercises will help you know your body, feelings and reactions to stimuli better and as a consequence increase sexual sensations.

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A woman who exercises regularly can have the best – or even first – orgasms of her life, and can be more connected to her partner during sex has orgasms even if she didn't had them so far and also accelerate or slow down her partner's orgasm.

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Proper Kegel exercises improve blood supply and ventilation of pelvic floor muscles. And that increases sensitivity and stimulation during intercourse

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Proper training not only increases satisfaction but also your desire for sex, reduces stress and ventilates muscles. All that increases the probability of getting pregnant.

How can a self-aware woman exercise?

Exercises with a physiotherapist or by yourself with SMART package

Exercises with a training application e.g. PelviFly

You can have more complete experience of vaginal orgasms

You can learn how to control muscle work during sexual act

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Learn the conscious and controlled art of muscle play. During the training we focus on strength increase, speed and reflex of muscles as well as body coordination.

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Increasing muscle tightening speed

First results can be noticed just after a couple of weeks.

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Developing maximum contraction force

Safe exercises tailored to your needs

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muscle relaxation

You can train in any place any time

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Vibration training a minimum of 3 times in week (all types of vibration)

Your specialist will oversee your progress and interpret your results

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