PelviFly was created to help every woman to train your pelvic floor muscles

PelviFly is a holistic solution that enables pelvic floor muscle training in a safe, intimate and effective way, thanks to the device, training application and the network of the best specialists.

What is PelviFly?

“PelviFly is a solution that enables safe and effective pelvic floor muscle training. We have gathered a team of leading specialists (physiotherapists and nurses), along with a mobile application and device to train at home (which was created in cooperation with engineers from Silicon Valley). Our system is a telemedicine platform with special algorithms and a network of outstanding doctors and specialists.

PelviFly has been designed by women for women who would like to improve the quality of their sex life, prepare for pregnancy or manage the problem of urinary incontinence.

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How can PelviFly help you?

When you train with the application, you immediately know if you practice correctly.

The application allows you to observe the activity of your muscles and monitors your progress. It allows you to schedule a workout plan and at any time you can ask your specialist a questions via chat.

A key part of PelviFly is the self-test available in the app. This once-per-month evaluation measures your progress and adjusts the exercises to your capabilities.

You will feel the first effects of the exercises after 12 weeks of regular training.

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How does training with PelviFly work?

You train a few minutes a day 3-4 times a week with the help of a device that is applied intravaginally and which connects wirelessly to the application on the phone.

The app reproduces the activity of pelvic floor muscle in the form of animation, thanks to which you can immediately see if you are practicing correctly and know what exercises to do and what strength to use.

You can also observe your detailed profile in the telemedicine portal by seeing comments from specialists.

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PelviFly - do treningu mięśni dna miednicy
Zamów PelviFly

How PelviFly works?

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Exercise device

It monitors the contraction strength of your muscles and the relaxation phase, ensuring proper exercise. Has a built-in vibration function that enhances your exercise.

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Mobile application

In the application there is a training plan with tasks to be performed in the form of motivating games. The path of progress will show you at what stage you are exercising and what you need to do to achieve the next goal.

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With the PelviFly application, you can consult a specialist who will teach you how to properly practice, they will prepare a training plan tailored to your needs and will monitor your progress on an ongoing basis.

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PelviFly device

Soft silicone pad with sensors and vibrations was designed by engineers from Silicon Valley . It is used by thousands of women in many countries around the world. Working with the PelviFly application, it allows you to monitor how your muscles work. The device will verify that you perform a contraction with the right strength or maintain muscle tension for a sufficient length of time.

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Technical details:

  • device made of medical grade VI silicone,
  • 100% phthalate-free material
  • ecological battery charged by USB, which once charged allows for several weeks of training
  • length: 9 cm, breadth 3.8 mm, weight: 85 g 
  • water-resistant – easy cleaning (we recommend cleaning with water and soap or using disinfecting wipes eg Sani Cloth)
  • 1 year warranty
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The contents of the PelviFly kit:

  • Exercise device
  • USB charger
  • User manual
  • A fabric soft case
  • Box

Mobile application PelviFly

Download the app now and start free education with a virtual assistant. You will learn what role the pelvic floor muscles have and how to take care for them at every stage of life. App is available for iOS and Android. 

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Do not have a device? Take advantage of 100 free lessons about pelvic floor muscles and get to know the exercises you can do yourself.

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If you already have a blue device, you can perform a muscle test anonymously and view the results. You can test the app for 14 days.

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At the end of the trial period you will be able to choose one of the 3 available packages. BASIC – free, independent workouts, SMART – exercises supported by advanced algorithms or CARE – individual, remote care of specialists (PelviCoach)

PelviCoach understands your needs

At PelviFly, we work with excellent – gynecologists, urologists, sexologists and physiotherapists – whose mission is to help women train the pelvic floor muscles.

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Choose from specialists from around the world who will support your training and motivate you to achieve your goal.

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PelviCoach will evaluate the results of the muscle test in detail, will oversee the course of the training, advise on what to change in the habits of everyday life.

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Trust individual training plans tailored to your needs.

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