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PelviFly training device


The Exercise Package contains:

  • device kGoal made of medical silicone for home exercises
  • access to the mobile application with exercises, regular muscle test, training reminders
  • instructions on how to start training and chatbot to learn more about pelvic floor muscles
  • 14-day exercise plan which allows you to get to know all the possibilities of the PelviFly training application
  • the ability to freely choose the range of paid services you want to use


More about paid services can be found in the “Subscriptions” tab.

The lowest price (2024-04-12): 839  Categories: ,

Technical information:

  • device made of medical grade VI silicone,
  • 100% phthalate-free material
  • ecological battery charged by USB, which once charged allows for several weeks of training
  • Dimensions: length: 9 cm, breadth 3.8 mm, weight: 85 g (size is regulated by the amount of air inside)
  • Certification: ROHS, CE
  • water-resistant – easy cleaning (we recommend cleaning with water and soap or using disinfecting wipes eg Sani Cloth)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Phone requirements: Android (from version 6.0) or IOS system (from version 13.0), Bluetooth adapter 4.0 and above

Package contents:

  • PelviFly device
  • USB charger
  • User manual
  • A fabric soft case
  • Box

The application allows you to practice with the device free of charge as part of the BASIC package or for an additional fee in the SMART and CARE package.

Note: Additional services require payment in the application using payment cards. Secure settlement is provided by the STRIPE service provider. Package prices are expressed in USD, while bill debits are in different curency you will be chrged at the current bank rate.


The PelviFly training app includes:

  • pelvic floor muscle test followed by recommendations
  • intuitive animation that guides you through your training
  • selection of 3 training packages* adapted to your needs:

PACKAGE BASIC – Independent exercises (0 USD)

  • muscle test with results in the application every month
  • a set of exercises adapted to the test results
  • access to the information base about pelvic floor muscles

PACKAGE SMART – Exercises with algorithms (24 USD/month)

  • 3 training plans (prevention, better sex, incontinence)
  • path of progress that facilitates achieving goals, tracking progress
  • regularity reports summarizing training periods to motivate you
  • history of exercises and workouts with all your results

PACKAGE CARE – Trainings with care of PelviCoach (96 USD/month)

  • personal specialist chosen by you in the application
  • in-depth analysis of test results with indication of areas for improvement
  • an individual training plan tailored to your goals
  • direct communication with a specialist through the application

*Payments for a selected training package are made in the application by providing payment card details. The extension of the package for the next period is automatic, but you can change the package before the end of each period.

The device for exercising at home will be delivered within 48 hours by DHL after receiving your payment. The carrier will contact you by phone to arrange the time of delivery suitable for you.

A return of the device is possible only if the box with device was not opened. A device that was used can be returned through a complaint procedure.

Courier will ask you to sign the consent for data processing in the training process by PelviFly (you will get a copy to read the content with the order confirmation).

Wrote about us:

User stories

Exercising with very weak pelvic floor muscles

How to have better sex – a case study

Vibrotherapy for painful period

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to return the device, if I stop exercising with the specialist?

The device stays with you forever. You can use it even if you no longer pay the subscription fee.


How should I take care of my device? How should I clean it?

You should wash the device with soap or feminine wash under running water. Be careful not to pour water over the charging port. We suggest to use a disposable Sani Cloth tissue.


Can I exercise on my own with PelviFly, without assistance of a specialist?

You can exercise on your own, but if you want it to be safe and effective you should get to know your muscles first and learn how to control and activate them.

A PelviFly specialist will supervise your parameters and will guide you through 3 stages of motor training (learning, control, muscle automation).


I have concerns relating to applying the device

The device is very soft and flexible (VI class medical grade silicon). It is only 8 cm long and 3 cm wide. Women who have never given birth can apply it without any problems.

To increase comfort, you can use a water-based lubricant.

Are you ready to take control?

I've read on the Internet that by strengthening pelvic floor muscles you can also improve the quality of your sexual life. I didn't believe in that but I was determined and so decided to try. That's how I came across PelviFly. I've been excited since I started exercising. PelviFly is my best friend.

Monica, 26
Self-aware woman

I have already taken care of myself, and you?

Just by chance at some conference I met some physiotherapists from the Jagiellonian University who invited me to a project of mobile exercises of pelvic floor muscles. After consultation with the gynaecologist and physiotherapist I exercised by means of the device, application and without leaving home, which is important for me as I have a small baby. I was also sure I was doing it properly because every day I got information about the results from the specialist.
After about 4 weeks I noticed fewer symptoms and after 3 months of exercising I could get rid of panty liners.

Lauren, 28
Young mother

I have already taken care of myself, and you?

Urinary incontinence was very embarrassing for me and it limited my life for a couple of years but I thought that it was normal at an old age. Finally I went to a gynaecologist who suggested a very modern solution i.e. exercising without leaving home with PelviFly. At the beginning I was scared and didn't think I would handle it, but after a few lessons it turned out that the application was very easy. Additionally, I know that in case of any problems I can always contact a specialist because I am under their constant supervision.

Veronica, 56
Mature woman

You want to find out more
about training
and pelvic floor?

Join the KEGEL NINJA group on Facebook
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Wrote about us:

Not sure if PelviFly is for you?

Call our hotline or write to us - we'll talk. 

+48 693 103 203

Opening hours: Mon - Fri, 9 AM - 5 PM.