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How to maintain the exercise device?

Device care is essential to maintaining proper hygene. How often should I clean the device? We recommend caring for the device immediately before and after each training session. How to clean te device? We recommend the use of non-alcoholic disposable disinfectant wipes, e.g. Ecolab Sani-Cloth Active wipes. The devices can also be washed with soap …


A great type of training to improve your muscle contraction and relaxation abilities is the warm-up. This exercise requires you to gradually increase the contraction strength level and then decrease it while following a route set by flowers, clouds, or corals. To earn points, you need to collect these objects.  Each point to earn reflects …

Endurance exercise

Muscle endurance is one of the key parameters we want to improve. This can be achieved with PelviFly exercises where you control a rocket or a superhero 🙂 What does the exercise look like? Your task is to keep the rocket or the superhero inside the tunnel for a specified time. If you lose control …

Speed training – skyscraper

What does the exercise look like?  The training comprises 3 series of 10 fast contractions each. When starting a series, your task is to gently activate your muscles and switch on the lights on the first floor. Next, perform a fast contraction and turn the light on by getting closer to the floor indicated by …
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Is it better to exercise with or without vibration?

Many people ask why the device features vibration function. The reason is simple – it supports the effectiveness of exercise. However, it is up to you if you wish to use it. 🙂 How does vibration work? Vibration increases the activity of muscle fibers, translating into improved muscle strength, increased range of motion, and reduced pain. …
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How to perform the first muscle test with the Boost device?

Muscle test is a very important step when starting to exercise — it provides the basis to create your individual training plan. Before you start your muscle test with the Boost device and the PelviFly Boost app, take a look at the tips that will tell you what the right position to exercise is and how to …

How to perform a muscle test?

Muscle test is a very important step when starting to exercise. Its results provide the basis for the further training plan The muscle test consists of 6 stages:  Stage 1: Relaxation The duration of the first stage is 60 seconds. During this stage, do not contract your pelvic floor muscles – relax completely and breathe …

A comparison of PelviFly training plans: Basic, Smart, and Care

We’ve created three training plans so that there is something suitable for everyone – Basic, Smart, and Care. We suggest going for the CARE plan at the first stage of exercising with PelviFly in particular. A qualified PelviCoach physiotherapist will support you in starting your training regime – they will conduct an interview with you, …

How to start using the device?

To start exercising, you need to insert the device into the vagina. There are 4 simple steps to follow to do this. Before you insert the device into your vagina, make sure not to deflate it completely. A small amount of air should be left inside, that’s why it’s best to deflate it down to a half …

Safety alerts in the app

PelviFly features a system of alerts which improve the safety of exercising. The results of your tests and training sessions and the progress you make let us react promptly to and notify you of situations when it’s recommended to consult a PelviCoach Alerts concerning muscle test Based on the muscle test, we can determine the …
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Exercising with very weak pelvic floor muscles

Starting pelvic floor muscle training with the use of a manometer device when these muscles are very weak is controversial. It is common practice to make use of electrical stimulation in women whose pelvic floor muscle strength is graded at the level of 1 according to the Oxford Scale. They proceed with training without electrical stimulation only when they reach grade 2 on the Oxford Scale. During …
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A multisensory pelvic floor muscle training game

When you contract your muscles, the car makes a turn at the left edge. When you relax your muscles, it starts going along the outer edge. Avoiding obstacles requires you to use more strength when contracting your muscles or to maintain your muscles activated for a few seconds, and collecting stars requires you to relax …
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Connection problem with PelviFly Boost

There are several factors affecting the quality of connection between the device and the app, as well as the performance of the app. 1) The charge level of the training device and the smartphone 2) The amount of free space on the phone apps work slower if the storage is almost completely full 3) Reset the Bluetooth …
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Is it OK to exercise during pregnancy?

Pelvic floor muscle exercise is recommended both before and during pregnancy Is it safe to exercise at every stage?      Before pregnancyThe best solution is to start exercising before pregnancy, and then continue to exercise during the period of pregnancy. This will help you prepare your body for the state of pregnancy, childbirth, and …
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6 basic principles of exercise

Keep a few rules in mind during your workout: Optimal position Proper position and correct pelvic alignment are the main elements to keep in mind when starting to exercise. If you work out with the Boost device , you will find all the necessary information >here. If you work out with an intravaginal device, >click here.  Squeeze and …
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How to activate the transverse abdominal muscle?

The transverse abdominal muscle is a natural muscle “corset” that works with the pelvic floor muscles. Perform 5 tasks that will help you activate it consciously. Task 1 Lying on your back with your knees bent, focus on your breathing and relax. Take a calm breath in and next, while exhaling, try to gently (using 30% …

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