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A man should have strong pelvic floor muscles, regardless of his age. PelviFly Boost is a revolutionary step ahead in pelvic floor muscle training. How does it work? You sit on a special soft cushion (saddle), connect the device with an app on your phone, and work out by playing a game on the phone. As simple as that! Thanks to precise training measurements, you get a plan with personalized suggestions regarding the training intensity and a set of practical tips.

Our female customers ask us: what about men?

Thousands of women around the world exercise with the app and the device. Thanks to research, collaboration with the best physicians, physiotherapists, and muscle biomechanics experts, we’ve created an effective pelvic floor muscle training system offering remote support of specialists.

But what about men? How to help them? Our customers have been asking us since the very beginning. After many trials and tests, we teamed up with engineers from Silicon Valley in the USA, designed, and launched a first-ever pelvic floor muscle training system for men with a dedicated device and app!

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They are found in the crotch (perineum) area, between the penis base and the anus. It doesn’t matter if you’re young and fit, keen on boosting your sexual potential, or if your goal is to focus on a better bladder control or on preventing erectile dysfunction. The training will greatly improve the quality of your life

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A frequent reason why we find it difficult to keep training on a regular basis is boredom. With PelviFly Boost, you work out by playing a game in a dedicated app using your pelvic floor muscles. Your training becomes fun and pleasant. In the game, you’ll be driving a car - making turns and maneuvering through obstacles.

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Every man should exercise his pelvic floor muscles
What will be your motivation?

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Pelvic floor muscles play an important part during sex. Their contraction improves the quality of erection. Scientists prove that appropriate training prevents erectile dysfunctions in the case of 35% - 47% of subjects [Systematic review: Myers, Smith, 2019].

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If pelvic floor muscles are not ready to withstand training load, they are weaker, the tension level is increased, there occurs pain in the pelvic area, frequently accompanied by a lack of bladder control. Pelvic floor muscles are an element of core stability.

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Studies show that 72% of men will suffer from urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. Healthy pelvic floor muscles will let you live to the fullest, without the fear of having a urinary accident when exercising, coughing or laughing. [Lowrance, Eastham, Savage and others, J Urol. 2012]

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Scientists have proven that pelvic floor muscle training delays ejaculation in the case of 55% to 83% of subjects [Systematic review: Myers, Smith, 2019].

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Pelvic floor muscles belong to the group of postural muscles, which we refer to as core muscles. They form a corset that keeps your spine and pelvis stable. They are active all the time – even when you sit. If they are weaker, you may experience spinal pine.

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Do you happen to urinate frequently but in small amounts? Do you feel sudden urges to go the bathroom? Take care of your health and don’t worry if you make it to the nearest gas station during a car ride ever again.

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The PelviFly Boost device

Top-class system of monitoring of the condition of pelvic floor muscles. The thin and soft cushion has been designed by engineers from Silicon Valley. When it connects with the PelviFly app, it lets you monitor the activity of your muscles. It checks if you contract your muscles with enough strength and if you’re able to keep them active or relaxed for long enough.

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PelviFly Boost is an external device with an integrated manometric (pressure) sensor and variable-frequency vibration protocols that support the bioelectrical activity of muscles. You can exercise at home, at work, and when you’re away. Sit down, connect the device with the app, and take the wheel in the in-app game. 

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The app offers instructions on how to sit correctly and a set of exercise tips. The training sessions are precise and comfortable. Based on your muscle test, the app will help you choose the plan that will suit you best.

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The PelviFly system smoothly mirrors the activities typical of muscle biomechanics and makes use of muscle therapy protocols designed by physiotherapists. The system algorithms analyze your results and progress, modifying your training plans accordingly in real time.

Play the game in the app and exercise

The app, supported by algorithms, lets you perform a muscle test, which will assess your muscles’ strength, response, endurance, control, and ability to relax. It will provide you with a personalized training plan in the form of in-game tasks, and will analyze your results on an ongoing basis. The adoption of gamification mechanisms makes the training interesting and helps you keep a high level of training compliance (regularity). Available languages: Polish and English.

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The 3D games have been designed with the use of technology provided by UNITY. By activating and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, you drive a car through a city. The vehicle moves at a constant speed, and you need to control the traction by making turns. You score points, maneuver through obstacles, and are able to compare your time for individual stages.

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Start a challenge and invite other players to compete against you. In the app, you can create a starting list and go through the stages of the race in turns with your friends. With each subsequent training session you move up the difficulty levels and get closer to your goal. By keeping your training regular, you’ll be eventually able to choose the type of car to drive.

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The training system has been designed with the use of smart algorithms which finely adjusts the training load to the current condition of your muscles.  Keep track of your progress and analyze your training reports available in the form of parameters and charts. 

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