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Connection problem with PelviFly Boost

There are several factors affecting the quality of connection between the device and the app, as well as the performance of the app.

1) The charge level of the training device and the smartphone

2) The amount of free space on the phone

apps work slower if the storage is almost completely full

3) Reset the Bluetooth connection

How to reset an incorrectly established connection and establish the connection again?

  1. Go to your phone settings and find the Bluetooth settings section
  2. Find the remembered training device your smartphone has connected with, unpair (disconnect) the devices (the button may be also called “forget” – the name will differ depending on the phone type and model

    iOS: Click the information icon , and then disconnect the pair
  3. To make the connection solid and the amount of the sent data optimal, it’s important to connect with the device only from the app level

4) The phone’s operating system

it should be updated