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Exercising under professional supervision within the CARE plan

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The CARE plan, apart from all the advanced app features, offers also an additional – very important – option of exercising under the supervision of a PelviCoach specialist

When training using the PelviFly & Kegel Ninja Trainer app, you can choose three different plans to exercise with. BASIC, SMART, and CARE.

We all know how it is. More and more things to do at home or at work and less and less energy to take care of our own well-being. Remember that your health should be your priority, which makes it all the more reasonable to do something good for yourself today and start training under the supervision of a PelviCoach.

Who is a PelviCoach?

A PelviCoach is your personal physiotherapist. You can use the app on your phone to choose your PelviCoach from among a list of available specialists. On the first day you’ll receive a welcome message and schedule the date for your online consultation session. Get to know each other. If this person is to support you in staying or getting back in shape, you’ll achieve the best results if you approach this relationship with an open mind.

You’ll be able to view the profiles of all PelviCoach physiotherapists once you install the free PelviFly & Kegel Ninja Trainer app on your mobile device.

Discuss the plan of action

A PelviCoach is your supervisor who – just like you – wants your training to give the best results possible. In the first week of your cooperation you’ll arrange a phone conversation to discuss your goals, your problems, the results of your training so far. Bear in mind that the specialist may also ask you questions relevant to the proper treatment of pelvic floor muscles. This includes questions about menstruation, childbirth, health problems, and sex life. The specialist will also answer any questions you may wish to ask. They will explain what the training is like and how muscles work, and – most importantly – arrange your training schedule with you.

Exercises tailored to your needs

The muscle test which you perform when you use the app for the first time is crucial to your training plan. It serves as the basis to determine the right level of exercise difficulty taking your capabilities into account. The PelviCoach will analyze your test thoroughly and send you a detailed report discussing your results. It may appear that it is not the contraction force of your muscles that needs your attention, but the endurance of your muscles. So, in order for your training to be effect, it’s important to plan it according to your needs.

Monitor your progress

Your PelviCoach has access to your training results in the form of charts and a range of numerical data. Your training is adapted to your capabilities based on the analysis of these results. Below you can see two charts presenting the results of a test performed by one of our patients. Remember what the bee training looks like? This is a record of this warm-up. Each spike is a contraction. The first chart illustrates the initial stage of the training, where you can see a clear lack of control over the muscles, irregular contractions, and instances of unintentional relaxation caused by insufficient muscle endurance. The second chart shows the muscle activity during the same exercise – but after 2 weeks of training. The muscle strength, the muscle endurance, and the muscle control have all considerably increased. Impressive, isn’t it? You can also achieve such effects by training with the support of a specialist.

By staying in touch with your PelviCoach and having your progress analyzed on an ongoing basis, you’ll be able to see the changes that take place in your body. By staying in touch with your supervisor, you’ll be more motivated to exercise regularly and see the desired effects much sooner.

Smart algorithm support

Apart from the support of your PelviCoach, you’ll be also able to take advantage of in-app support. You’ll have access to motivating summaries with your training statistics and results of the performed exercises and muscle tests.

You’ll stay motivated to exercise systematically thanks to the path of progress featured in the app. It consists of 36 tasks which will help you achieve the best results possible if you complete them. By exercising on a regular basis and collecting points during your training sessions, you’ll be moving up the levels, from easier to more difficult ones. You’ll be going through three phases – consciousness, control, and improvement.

The benefits of the CARE plan

To sum up, the Care plan includes:

  • Staying connected with your PelviCoach and receiving information about the progress you make
  • Receiving motivation and support to help you keep your training regular (training compliance)
  • Setting an ambitious but achievable training goal – and designing the right path to achieve it
  • An analysis of your muscle test results, followed by a report and a set of recommendations
  • A personalized training plan suited to your everyday activity
  • Having your training results monitored and your training plan modified according to your needs

You’ll be able to choose the CARE plan once you make a relevant payment by card (EUR 96) in the PelviFly & Kegel Ninja Trainer app

Many women have already succeeded in achieving their goals by training with the support of a PelviCoach physiotherapist.