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How to perform a muscle test?

pelvifly muscle test

Muscle test is a very important step when starting to exercise. Its results provide the basis for the further training plan

The muscle test consists of 6 stages: 

Stage 1: Relaxation

The duration of the first stage is 60 seconds. During this stage, do not contract your pelvic floor muscles – relax completely and breathe calmly. 

Stage 2: Three gentle contractions 

Try to perform three contractions – as gently as possible. The goal is to learn to control the strength of contraction – to be able to perform the first noticeable contraction at around 20% of one’s MVC. Make sure to pull the muscles gently in. 

Remember to relax completely after contraction at each stage of the test.


Stage 3: Three 7-second contractions performed at maximum strength

At this stage we measure the strength level of the muscles. Based on the result, we determine the training intensity. 

Activate your muscles until you don’t tense additional parts of your body, meaning buttocks, thighs, or superficial muscles of the abdomen. It’s better to perform a gentler contraction than additionally tense the entire body.


Step four: Three 20-second contractions

Stage four aims to assess the endurance of your muscles. The first contraction is performed at maximum strength. The second and third contraction involves collecting flowers displayed on the screen of your smartphone. At first, they appear at a low height – then, you activate your muscles at 20% of your capacity. Next, they are displayed higher, which reflects 100% of your maximum voluntary contraction level. 

Breathe calmly and don’t hold the air in. If you find it difficult, you can count out aloud.


Stage 5: Fast contractions

Activate your muscles as quickly and strongly as you can

Do not tense other parts of your body too much. It’s better to perform the contractions at a slower pace and gentler but 100% correctly. Relax your muscles after each repetition. 


Stage 6: Relaxation

The last stage is a repetition of stage 1