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How to perform the basketball speed training?

What does the exercise look like? 

The speed exercise enables you to increase your contraction strength and work out a quick, automatic muscle reaction. The basketball training requires you to perform 3 series of 10 contractions. There is time for relaxation between the series – when it starts, you’ll see a message with information and a timer on the screen. 

The strength with which you activate your muscles is shown on the bar on the left side of the screen – the stronger the contraction, the fuller the bar. Watch the bar as you perform the contraction. If you contract and relax your muscles correctly, the ball will be shot into the basket.

The contraction may not be too gentle or too strong as the ball will fly past the basket. If you have problem relaxing and the bar remains full for too long, the ball won’t be shot into the basket. 

Additional tips

At first, try to perform the exercise slowly. Only you manage to control your contractions in this training will it be possible to increase their speed 🙂 

If you have trouble earning points or if you extend the duration of relaxation between contractions, you may see a message reading “If training is too difficult, end it displayed on the screen, which will let you end and save the training. You may use this option – but it’s not obligatory.

Speed training involves difficult exercises – the first series requires you to activate your muscles at 50% of your capacity, the second series – at 80%, and the third series – at 100% of your capacity. You can always do as many repetitions as you are able to do correctly – and then save your results. For instance, you can do the first two series and finish the exercise sooner if the third series is too difficult and you feel you start tensing your buttocks, thighs, or abdominal muscles.

The basketball training is a very precision-oriented exercise so don’t worry if you find it challenging to earn points at the beginning 😉

Keep an eye on your results

Right after you finish the exercise, you’ll see your results in the app in the form of a chart and a score. 

If you exercise under the CARE plan, your PelviCoach will be able to analyze your results thoroughly as they’ll be available on the telecare platform.