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Is it OK to exercise during pregnancy?

Pelvic floor muscle exercise is recommended both before and during pregnancy

Is it safe to exercise at every stage? 

    Before pregnancyThe best solution is to start exercising before pregnancy, and then continue to exercise during the period of pregnancy. This will help you prepare your body for the state of pregnancy, childbirth, and make it able to get back in shape after baby quicker.

no    1st trimesterThe 1st trimester of pregnancy is a crucial period, that’s why it’s not advisable to exercise with an intravaginal device then

    2nd and 3rd trimester Before starting to exercise in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment and get the approval of the gynecologist providing prenatal care in order to rule out any contraindications to exercise your pelvic floor muscles using an intravaginal device

    Postpartum It’s not advisable to exercise in the postpartum period, which is for about 6 weeks after childbirth

    After postpartum
The best solution is to return to exercising after a consultation with a gynecologist after postpartum and after a consultation with a pelvic floor muscle physiotherapist

Is Bluetooth connection safe? 

The device has been designed to have the Bluetooth adapter fitted in the external arm. The signal emitted by the device (Bluetooth Low Energy) is 100 times weaker than Wi-Fi signal, which makes exercising with PelviFly 100 times safer than using a mobile phone.

Is the device made of safe materials? 

The training device is made of grade 6 medical silicone, which is 100% phthalate-free. It comes with the following certificates: ROHS, CE.