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Multisensory training game – a plugin that makes it possible to exercise with the kGoal device


The 3D games have been designed with the use of technology provided by UNITY. By activating and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, you drive a car through a city. The vehicle moves at a constant speed, and you need to control the traction by making turns. You score points, maneuver through obstacles, and are able to compare your time for individual stages.

The training system has been designed with the use of smart algorithms which finely adjusts the training load to the current condition of your muscles. Keep track of your progress and analyze your training reports available in the form of parameters and charts.

The game is fully compatible with the PelviFly kGoal intravaginal device. Within 24 hours of you placing your order, you’ll be able to connect your intravaginal probe with the new PelviFly Boost app and start your training.

The lowest price (2024-04-10): 248  Categories: ,

How can I play using the new app and the kGoal intravaginal device?

  1. Buy the plugin/license and you’ll be able to connect the PelviFly Boost app with your device. Otherwise the app won’t be able to detect your kGoal and you won’t be able to exercise.
  2. Download the PelviFly Boost app from Google Play or AppStore and set up an account. You can use the same e-mail address you used with your current version of the app. 
  3. If you have already bought the plugin and set up an account in the app, you’ll be able to connect either to the kGoal intravaginal device or the new Boost device before each exercise.
  4. Your training regimens will adapt to your parameters after you perform a muscle test with the new app.
  1. Does the app feature paid services, paid products, or additional paid plans? No, the purchase of the app is a one-off expense. You don’t have to pay extra for anything.
  2. I exercise under the supervision of a PelviCoach. Is it possible to keep training under the PelviCoach’s supervision with the new app? No, the new app does not feature a CARE plan. The physiotherapist won’t be able to access and view your results. But you may treat exercising with the app as an addition to your current training plan – consult the number of the training sessions to incorporate into your plan with a PelviCoach.
  3. Does the app utilize vibration? Yes, exercising with the app lets you make use of three different levels of vibration: biofeedback, fixed-frequency 20Hz vibration, and fixed-frequency 100Hz vibration.
  4. In the previous app I had a training plan and could only perform certain specific tasks assigned to a given day. How does it work in the new app? You are free to exercise how you like. The app gives its users access to the entire set of games to play. 


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Pytania & Odpowiedzi

Are you ready to take control?

I've read on the Internet that by strengthening pelvic floor muscles you can also improve the quality of your sexual life. I didn't believe in that but I was determined and so decided to try. That's how I came across PelviFly. I've been excited since I started exercising. PelviFly is my best friend.

Monica, 26
Self-aware woman

I have already taken care of myself, and you?

Just by chance at some conference I met some physiotherapists from the Jagiellonian University who invited me to a project of mobile exercises of pelvic floor muscles. After consultation with the gynaecologist and physiotherapist I exercised by means of the device, application and without leaving home, which is important for me as I have a small baby. I was also sure I was doing it properly because every day I got information about the results from the specialist.
After about 4 weeks I noticed fewer symptoms and after 3 months of exercising I could get rid of panty liners.

Lauren, 28
Young mother

I have already taken care of myself, and you?

Urinary incontinence was very embarrassing for me and it limited my life for a couple of years but I thought that it was normal at an old age. Finally I went to a gynaecologist who suggested a very modern solution i.e. exercising without leaving home with PelviFly. At the beginning I was scared and didn't think I would handle it, but after a few lessons it turned out that the application was very easy. Additionally, I know that in case of any problems I can always contact a specialist because I am under their constant supervision.

Veronica, 56
Mature woman

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