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PelviFly Boost training device


PelviFly Boost is an interactive training system composed of a device and a dedicated app. You’ll be playing the in-app game with your pelvic floor muscles. What does the training look like? You sit on the device, connect with the app, and exercise by following the instructions displayed on the phone.

The PelviFly Boost training set includes:

  • a device for exercising pelvic floor muscles with a free app (available languages: Polish and English).
  • a personalized training plan adapted to your individual workout intensity 
  • a possibility to exercise at any time by playing selected games – designed with the use of the UNITY technology 
  • a compendium of knowledge with practical tips and rules of exercise
  • progress monitoring and access to results presented in the form of charts and parameters.
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PelviFly Boost is a solution for every man who wants to improve the quality of their own and their partner’s sex life. Regular pelvic floor muscle exercise improves the quality of erection, makes it possible to last longer in bed, and increases the intensity of the experienced orgasms.

Training is also a very important element of preventing urinary incontinence, back pain, or constipations. Studies show that 72% of men will suffer from urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. 

It is highly useful for those physically active – who run, cycle, or work out at the gym. If pelvic floor muscles are not ready to withstand training load, they are weaker, the tension level is increased, there occurs pain in the pelvic area, frequently accompanied by a lack of bladder control. 

Can women exercise with PelviFly Boost? The solution has been designed mainly with men in mind but women can exercise with it too. If you want to start exercising with PelviFly, you have two options – training with an external device or with an intravaginal device. 

Returns after delivery: You can return the device within 14 days of receiving it only if the original packaging has not been opened.

A used device may be returned by following a standard complaint procedure.

Technical information:

  • The device features an integrated manometric (pressure) sensor, which guarantees the accuracy of measurements. It makes it possible to apply 3 vibration protocols supporting the training.
  • Material: 100% phthalate-free, grade 6 medical silicone – safe for the body
  • Comes with the following certificates: ROHS, CE
  • Charging: Features an eco-friendly USB battery. Fully charged. Comes with a travel-friendly USB charging cable. Minimum battery life: 2 hours of continuous use. The charging time is about 1.5 hours. 
  • The device is waterproof – for easy cleaning (we suggest cleaning it using water and soap or disinfecting wipes like e.g. Sani Cloth)
  • Manufacturer’s one-year warranty
  • Compatibility: PelviFly Boost is compatible with devices running on both iOS and Android operating systems. Requires Bluetooth 4.0 (and Android v6.0 or higher as the operating system in the case of Android devices)

The set includes: a PelviFly Boost device, a USB charger, a user manual


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Pytania & Odpowiedzi

Are you ready to take control?

I've read on the Internet that by strengthening pelvic floor muscles you can also improve the quality of your sexual life. I didn't believe in that but I was determined and so decided to try. That's how I came across PelviFly. I've been excited since I started exercising. PelviFly is my best friend.

Monica, 26
Self-aware woman

I have already taken care of myself, and you?

Just by chance at some conference I met some physiotherapists from the Jagiellonian University who invited me to a project of mobile exercises of pelvic floor muscles. After consultation with the gynaecologist and physiotherapist I exercised by means of the device, application and without leaving home, which is important for me as I have a small baby. I was also sure I was doing it properly because every day I got information about the results from the specialist.
After about 4 weeks I noticed fewer symptoms and after 3 months of exercising I could get rid of panty liners.

Lauren, 28
Young mother

I have already taken care of myself, and you?

Urinary incontinence was very embarrassing for me and it limited my life for a couple of years but I thought that it was normal at an old age. Finally I went to a gynaecologist who suggested a very modern solution i.e. exercising without leaving home with PelviFly. At the beginning I was scared and didn't think I would handle it, but after a few lessons it turned out that the application was very easy. Additionally, I know that in case of any problems I can always contact a specialist because I am under their constant supervision.

Veronica, 56
Mature woman

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