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A comparison of PelviFly training plans: Basic, Smart, and Care

We’ve created three training plans so that there is something suitable for everyone – Basic, Smart, and Care.

We suggest going for the CARE plan at the first stage of exercising with PelviFly in particular. A qualified PelviCoach physiotherapist will support you in starting your training regime – they will conduct an interview with you, analyze your test results, design your individual training plan, and provide you with valuable training tips.

If you have already consulted a specialist and you don’t find it difficult to exercise and you have good body awareness, going for the SMART or BASIC plan may also be a good choice. To make it easier for you to decide, we’ve compiled a comparison of all three plans 

BASIC plan

The Basic plan lets you exercise your pelvic floor muscles every day without any additional fees. The plan includes:

  1. An option to exercise on your own (5 training types) in the lying position with the training set supporting you in improving your level of control of contraction and relaxation, muscle endurance, and strength. Active reminders and summaries of training compliance to motivate you to keep your training regular.
  2. A muscle test to be performed once a month, on the basis of which a dedicated algorithm sets the training load at a safe level according to your physical capability. You can monitor and analyze your progress by accessing the results of all of your workouts and muscle tests at any time.
  3. You’ll be additionally motivated to keep your training regular thanks to the progress path consisting of 36 tasks to be performed within the framework of 3 phases of motor learning: the cognitive phase (consciousness), the associative phase (control), and the autonomous (automatization) phase. All exercises available in the BASIC plan are to be performed in the lying position, which makes it possible to go through one of the three phases of the progress path.
  4. A safety alert system will notify you if there’s something wrong with your exercise routine. You’ll also get access to a knowledge base with tips on how to exercise correctly.

Plan price: free of charge
You can buy a one-off consultation session with a PelviCoach physiotherapist anytime. The price of the consultation session is specified in the app next to the profile of each physiotherapist.

SMART plan

The SMART plan offers extended support in pelvic floor muscle exercise thanks to:

  1. An advanced training plan with all exercise modules (10 training types) and access to advanced vibration training protocols.
  2. Additional progress in the level of exercise difficulty thanks to changing the exercise position and moving on to more advanced functional positions. An option to clear subsequent stages on the progress path, which involve a focus on motor control and performing tasks in the knee-elbow and standing (erect) positions.
  3. You can choose your training goal and follow a personalized training program designed with the support of smart algorithms. Training plans: getting in shape after baby, sportswoman, bladder control, sex, relaxation.
  4. A permanent discount on lubricants and other Good Clean Love products.

Plan price: EUR 24 per / month

CARE plan

With the CARE plan you have access to all the system features offered in the BASIC and SMART plans and additionally get full support in the pursuit of your goal thanks to:

  1. Staying connected with your PelviCoach and receiving information about the progress you make
  2. Receiving motivation and support to help you keep your training regular (training compliance)
  3. Setting an ambitious but achievable training goal – and designing the right path to achieve it
  4. An analysis of your muscle test results, followed by a report and a set of recommendations
  5. A personalized training plan suited to your everyday activity
  6. Having your training results monitored and your training plan modified according to your needs

Plan price: EUR 96 per / month