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A multisensory pelvic floor muscle training game

When you contract your muscles, the car makes a turn at the left edge. When you relax your muscles, it starts going along the outer edge. Avoiding obstacles requires you to use more strength when contracting your muscles or to maintain your muscles activated for a few seconds, and collecting stars requires you to relax your muscles quickly and move the car to the other side of the road.

When you play the game, you get tips and information on how to perform the tasks correctly. How much strength to use, how long to keep the muscles contracted, when to relax, or whether the relaxation is total. There is a special meter, like a car tachometer, that shows you the force you apply to control your pelvic floor muscles.

The algorithms monitor and analyze the course of your training all the time, prompting you if you exercise correctly. There is also an indication of the driver’s skill level displayed in the bottom left corner. If your level of muscle control, strength, or endurance is not sufficient, you won’t be able to cover the in-game route without running onto the curb or crashing into the barriers placed on the road. This means that the brand-new car you get into to play the game may take a solid beating.