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Endurance exercise

Muscle endurance is one of the key parameters we want to improve. This can be achieved with PelviFly exercises where you control a rocket or a superhero 🙂

What does the exercise look like?

Your task is to keep the rocket or the superhero inside the tunnel for a specified time. If you lose control and find yourself outside the tunnel, your character will be highlighted in yellow. 

To improve your muscle endurance, you need to activate your muscles very gently. Our algorithms adapt the exercise to your individual strength level and display your goals – 10%, 15%, and 20% of MVC – on the screen. There will be time to relax after each contraction – during this time, you should fly down to the bottom of the screen.

The exercise comprises three series. Each subsequent series lets you move to a higher level of difficulty, which will involve a longer contraction time. If you find a lower-difficulty series challenging, the app will let you repeat the series at the same level of difficulty. 

Your results 

After you finish the exercise, you’ll see your results in the form of a chart and information showing you the amount of time you’ve managed to maintain the contraction and relax the muscles for at the set level. 

If you exercise under the CARE plan under the supervision of a PelviCoach, your PelviCoach will be able to analyze your results thoroughly as they’ll be available on the telecare platform.