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Google for Startups

PelviFly – Google acceleration

Google for Startups Residency brings growth-stage startups the best of Google’s products, connections, and best practices. Each startup receives tailored mentorship and workspace at our Campuses in London, Madrid, São Paulo, Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw.

Urszula Herman, Natalia Szostek, Joanna Rudnicka, Kinga Wołoszka

Earlier this year, Google specialists chose PelviFly from hundreds of companies and invited us to their office for 6 months. We had the opportunity to use world-class expert advice to reach women around the world with PelviFly. Google Residency is an amazing opportunity for our startup to grow even faster.

“We got access to mentors, experienced founders, and Google employees who provided valuable support and expertise to help us scale. Campus has broadened my horizons as an entrepreneur – it opened my eyes to everything I didn’t know but needed to.” – Karan Shanmugarajah, Founder of WealthKernel.

Campus Google in Warsaw

Yesterday (15/10/2019) at the Google headquarters in Warsaw the program in which we participated in the last months was completed. During the summarizing gala, we presented on the stage, together with other startups, what has changed over the past year and how much we have gained through the help we received.Mentors from Google Campus around the world have helped us improve the product and taught many useful skills. They believed in our idea and shared their knowledge with us.

We are grateful for the help received and we wish good luck to all other startups that have accompanied us on Google Campus in recent months. Thanks to perseverance and mutual help, we will definitely make our dreams come true.

PelviFly Team