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How to have better sex – a case study

A common goal of doing exercises with PelviFly is to improve one’s sexual satisfaction. It is no secret that many women do not experience orgasms. It also happens that sex is not at all pleasant, only painful.

That’s why we are happy when, after incorporating exercise, you see changes. Read the story of one of us. In December, a young mum started exercising with us. Apart from exercising at home, she used a voucher from PelviFly for a visit to a physiotherapist. Already at the beginning of January, she sent a message to her training supervisor – PelviCoach:

“I have a functional improvement in the sexual sphere. Penetration is no longer such a problem as before. Sex may not be satisfactory for me yet, but it is not so unpleasant. I’m very happy about all this.”

We also noticed an improved muscle condition in the results of muscle tests with the device. In the first test, there was low contraction strength, impaired muscle endurance, and no full relaxation after the contraction. After a month of exercise, it increased from 10mmHg to 22mmHg, i.e. twice.

PelviFly Pelvic Floor Muscle Test – at the beginning and after one month

Muscle endurance also improved. We judge it by how much time it takes to maintain a gentle contraction, and how much time for the strongest possible contraction. When exercising with PelviFly, you see this in the form of the number of flowers collected on the screen.

Shared pleasure

Interestingly, by exercising you can increase sexual satisfaction not only for yourself but also for your partner. An efficient pelvic floor allows you to feel the pleasure of sex more intensively. Proper tightening and loosening of muscles allows you to control the rhythm of sexual intercourse. Gentle contractions inside your vagina are felt by your partner, making for a pleasant surprise. And your sensations become even more intense!

As your muscles grow stronger and more conscious, as your blood circulation improves and you get better oxygenation, you have the chance to experience every orgasm more intensively.

In training, it is crucial to learn both the correct contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and muscle relaxation. We also use vibration exercises here. Vibration often brings to mind a vibrator. Some people will be curious about it, others will be encouraged to exercise, and still others will not have positive associations.

No matter what your first impression is, you may be curious why we use it. Thanks to the vibrations, you can feel your muscles better. Studies show that vibrations stimulate your muscles and increase their blood supply. We can set the vibrations to be constant for the entire duration of an exercise or to intensify as the strength of the contraction increases.

Many of you start training under the care of our specialist, PelviCoach, in the CARE package. This is the best option for beginners because a PelviCoach can answer all your questions, analyze your muscle test, and create an exercise plan. And once you have mastered the basic skills and feel more confident in independent exercises, you can switch to, for example, the SMART SEX package, where our intelligent algorithms support the creation of a training plan of appropriate intensity.

Are you interested? Start the exercises and see for yourself what the effects will be.

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