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Is it better to exercise with or without vibration?


Many people ask why the device features vibration function. The reason is simple – it supports the effectiveness of exercise. However, it is up to you if you wish to use it. 🙂

How does vibration work?

Vibration increases the activity of muscle fibers, translating into improved muscle strength, increased range of motion, and reduced pain. A randomized trial by Rodriques et al. showed that vibratory stimulation (vibrostimulation) was more effective in increasing the strength of pelvic floor muscle contraction than electric stimulation (electrostimulation). 


In addition, vibration improves the blood flow in tissues and makes them nourished and more flexible. Scientific research also confirms that it accelerates the muscle regeneration process. 


Vibration also supports muscle relaxation and is helpful for people with increased muscle tension, which is often common among individuals involved in competitive sports or who are under a lot of stress (which is, unfortunately, true for most of us).


What about the most common association when thinking about vibration – the sexual aspect of it? From the scientific point of view, vibration improves blood supply to the muscles, resulting in better tissue nutrition. This affects the quality of sexual life – and can translate into more intense sexual pleasure.

What types of vibrations are available? 

PelviFly devices feature 3 vibration modules, each offering a different frequency: 

  • 20 Hz – light vibration to stimulate slow twitch fibers, which are key to building muscle endurance
  • 50 Hz – more intense, constant vibration to stimulate fast twitch fibers
  • 0-100 Hz – biofeedback vibration, the intensity of which increases with the strength of the contraction. The harder you activate your muscles, the stronger the vibration you feel. You stop feeling it when you relax. 

Whether vibration can be active during exercise is shown directly next to a given workout. 

Do I need to exercise with vibration? 

The decision is 100% up to you. It’s a good idea to see how you feel working out with and without vibration. Then you’ll be able to tell which option you prefer. 🙂 You can turn the vibration feature on or off at any time. 

How to control the vibration? 

Go into the profile settings in the app and select if you want the vibration to turn on during your workout.