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Position to exercise with the PelviFly Boost device


Proper exercise position is one of the most important elements necessary to begin a safe and effective workout.

Place the machine on a chair with a flat, firm seat. While exercising, you may wear clothing made of soft material — like underwear or athletic leggings.

When sitting on the machine, make sure the narrower part is in the front, just above the pubic symphysis. Your pelvic floor should rest loosely on the device.


Sit with your feet positioned hip-width apart. Imagine that you have a string attached to the top of your head pulling you up and straighten up. Don’t be tense, take a calm breath, heave a sigh, relax your shoulders — all the while sitting as if you were trying to grow in height a little.

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Imagine you have a tail attached to your back and you are trying to tuck it. Can you feel your pelvis moving as if you were trying to sit, resting on your lower back? Your pelvis is now in a backward (posterior) tilt.

Now imagine the opposite movement — as if you were trying to lift your tailbone up and bring your pelvis into a forward (anterior) tilt.

You can place your hands under your buttocks for a moment. You will feel the hard parts — i.e. the ischial tuberosities (or sit bones) — on which you are sitting. Try to balance between one position and the other to keep your pelvis in a neutral state, in between. 

For the users of the PelviFly intravaginal device pelvifly-device-1

Depending on your level of proficiency, you can work out in the lying, knee-elbow, or standing position. Detailed descriptions of these positions can be found >here