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How to activate the pelvic floor muscles? Practical visualizations for men

Training your pelvic floor muscles will be much easier when you use your imagination. Perform these 5 tasks to help yourself get to know your pelvic floor better.

Task 1

Sit with your legs hip-width apart. Straighten up and relax. Gently move your pelvis as if you were trying to tuck your tailbone and then lift it up. Balance between one position and the other to keep your pelvis in a neutral state, in between. You can find additional tips > here

Task 2

Gently tighten and lift your pelvic floor muscles as if you were trying to lift your penis without arousal or using your hands. Then relax — remember to do this with every task.

You may try to imagine a turtle retracting its head into its shell.

Task 3

Activate your muscles as if you were trying to lift your testicles up. If you stand in front of a mirror with no clothes on, you should see your penis and testicles rise gently.

Task 4

Gently tighten and draw in the muscles around your anus deeper. Imagine you are trying to catch, lift, and pull in a feather with your muscles. Make sure not to squeeze the buttocks and thigh muscles.

Task 5

Imagine that you are holding a fire hose with your pelvic floor muscles and there is a wall in front of you that you want to douse aiming as high as possible. Tighten and gently lift your muscles, then relax. Did you feel tension? By touching the perineal area behind your scrotum, you can feel your muscles activate.