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How to perform the first muscle test with the Boost device?

Muscle test is a very important step when starting to exercise — it provides the basis to create your individual training plan.

Before you start your muscle test with the Boost device and the PelviFly Boost app, take a look at the tips that will tell you what the right position to exercise is and how to activate your muscles properly. Next: 

  1. Open the Progress tab in the PelviFly Boost app and select the option to start the test
  2. Enable Bluetooth and location on your phone and connect your Boost device with the app
  3. Make sure if your body position is correct and calibrate the device by pressing the blue button on the device once
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  4. Start the test and go through the 6 steps to assess the condition of your muscles. Remember that it is better to perform it with less effort but fully correctly — according to your capabilities. This is not an exam that you can fail 😉   If you want to repeat the test, you can do it at any time.  

How is the muscle test performed? 

Stage 1: Relaxation

The duration of the first stage is 20 seconds. Your task is to relax and calm your breath down. 

When relaxing, make sure to keep your body posture correct all the time.

Stage 2: Gentle contractions

Perform three contractions of the pelvic floor muscles as gently as possible. Each one should be followed by a relaxation of the muscles. Your goal is to learn to control the strength of contraction — so that the first noticeable contraction you perform is at around 20% of your MVC. 

Remember to relax completely after contraction at each stage of the test.

 Stage 3: Strength 

Your task is to perform three 7-second contractions at maximum force. At this stage we measure the strength level of the muscles, and then, based on the results obtained, determine the training intensity. 

Activate your muscles until you don’t tense additional parts of your body, meaning buttocks, thighs, or superficial muscles of the abdomen. It’s better to perform a gentler contraction than additionally tense the entire body.

Stage 4: Endurance 

Perform the first contraction at maximum force and hold it for 10 seconds. Keep the indicator within the green field — it reflects 20% of your capacity and 100%. 

Breathe calmly and don’t hold the air in. If you find it difficult, you can count out aloud.

Stage 5: Speed 

Activate your muscles as quickly and strongly as you can.

Do not tense other parts of your body too much. It’s better to perform the contractions at a slower pace and gentler but 100% correctly. Relax your muscles after each repetition. 

Stage 6: Relaxation

This is the last stage 🙂 Relax completely, keeping your posture correct.