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Safety alerts in the app

PelviFly features a system of alerts which improve the safety of exercising.

The results of your tests and training sessions and the progress you make let us react promptly to and notify you of situations when it’s recommended to consult a PelviCoach

Alerts concerning muscle test

Based on the muscle test, we can determine the condition of your pelvic floor muscles. The test is very important because the intensity of your exercises will depend on the result of this test.  You’ll receive a notification in the app in several circumstances: 

Very low muscle strength 

Those who have started exercising with very low muscle strength can achieve great results with us, but an in-person appointment with a physiotherapist and exercising under their supervision will be necessary. If you wish to learn more about it, you may find this case study interesting and helpful.

Very high muscle strength or significant muscle strength increase

Very high muscle strength may be a symptom of an incorrect muscle activation. It may happen that we try to perform a task well and we tense the entire body, and even hold our breath. Your PelviCoach may offer you some exercise tips and repeat the muscle test if necessary.

Significant muscle strength decrease 

If your muscle strength decreases, it’s important to find the cause of it. It may occur that it’s necessary to repeat the test or schedule an in-person appointment with a specialist. If you consult your PelviCoach, you’ll know what plan of action is best for you.

Alerts concerning your training and progress

No goals set for your training achieved

By exercising in the right way, you can easily master all types of training 🙂 If you find it difficult to collect points for certain exercises, it’s good to consult a specialist. This way you’ll be able to discuss and adopt the most effective plan of action.

Decreased exercise regularity

In order for the training to have the effects you wish to achieve, you need to exercise on a regular basis. Exercising should become a fixed item in your daily agenda 😉 But don’t worry! The most difficult thing is to start. Later on, training turns into a habit, just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

Think of it in terms of any other ability. If you want to stay in shape, you need to exercise on a regular basis – by e.g. running or swimming. If you abandon the activity, you’ll become much less fit after a while.

No transition to a higher level on the path of progress

The path of progress includes tasks related to:

  • exercise regularity (e.g. exercise for 3 days straight)
  •  achieving certain specific parameters in particular pelvic floor muscle training sessions assigned (e.g. collect a total of 50% warm-up points)
  • switching to new training positions (e.g. perform a test in the knee-elbow position)

You’ll get an alert in the app if you have difficulty moving to the next stage on the path. By consulting your PelviCoach, you can discuss the challenges and obstacles you may be facing and give some thought to what needs working on.