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A great type of training to improve your muscle contraction and relaxation abilities is the warm-up.

This exercise requires you to gradually increase the contraction strength level and then decrease it while following a route set by flowers, clouds, or corals. To earn points, you need to collect these objects. 

Each point to earn reflects the precise value of the training load. The strength you need to use to collect the highest-set point is 50% of your capability. The app determines it very precisely on the basis of the results of your last muscle test. 

Your results 

After you save the exercise, you’ll be able to view a post-exercise report in the app. You’ll be able to compare your performance with the expected results and see your score 🙂 Each exercise offers a maximum of 112 points to score.  

In-depth insights will be available to your PelviCoach on the telecare platform if you exercise under the CARE plan. Take a look at the chart below – each “spike”, meaning an increase followed by a decrease in the muscle tension level, represents a contraction and relaxation of the muscles.