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Speed training – skyscraper

What does the exercise look like? 

The training comprises 3 series of 10 fast contractions each. When starting a series, your task is to gently activate your muscles and switch on the lights on the first floor. Next, perform a fast contraction and turn the light on by getting closer to the floor indicated by the arrows. After the contraction, relax at the first floor level.

If you tense your muscles too much, the light will turn red. This will also happen if you don’t relax your muscles after contraction. 

Additional tips 

Each subsequent series has a higher difficulty level – from 50% to 100% of your maximum muscle strength. The training load is set individually on the basis of the results of the muscle test you have recently performed.

You can stop the exercise if the next series proves too much of a challenge for you and you feel that you are tensing your stomach, buttocks or thighs too much. If you click the message “If training is too difficult, end it”, you will save your results. Remember that it’s better to do fewer repetitions, but do them correctly 😉 If you feel that the training is too difficult, consult your PelviCoach

Your results

After the exercise, you may analyze your results in the app. The blue line represents the task you were required to perform, and the green line represents the activity of your muscles. You can also see how your speed changed with each subsequent exercise.

If you exercise under the supervision of a PelviCoach, they can give you additional tips based on your detailed results available to them on the PelviFly telecare platform 🙂