PelviFly Boost

Position to exercise with the PelviFly Boost device

Proper exercise position is one of the most important elements necessary to begin a safe and effective workout. Place the machine on a chair with a flat, firm seat. While exercising, you may wear clothing made of soft material — like underwear or athletic leggings. When sitting on the machine, make sure the narrower part …
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A multisensory pelvic floor muscle training game

Until recently it was believed that using pelvic floor muscles to control objects in computer games was complete science fiction. Now, after some years, when we have thousands of women exercising using a intravaginal device connected to a mobile phone, the said vision is no longer anything outlandish. How did computer games, associated mostly with …
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Online consultation with a physiotherapist

During an online consultation session you’ll discuss matters related to sexual health and exercises in an atmosphere of support and understanding. Together with a PelviCoach physiotherapist: you’ll work out an effective training plan to achieve your training goal you’ll receive a set of practical tips and answers to your questions you’ll set checkpoints and determine …

A comparison of PelviFly training plans: Basic, Smart, and Care

We’ve created three training plans so that there is something suitable for everyone – Basic, Smart, and Care. We suggest going for the CARE plan at the first stage of exercising with PelviFly in particular. A qualified PelviCoach physiotherapist will support you in starting your training regime – they will conduct an interview with you, analyze …
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Free PelviFly BASIC training plan

Pelvic floor muscle exercises and tests Exercising with PelviFly, you can get a precise view of the activity of your muscles – displayed on the screen of your phone. Such a solution is called the biofeedback method because it provides you with direct feedback on how your muscles work. By activating and relaxing your muscles, …
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How to have a flat belly

Many women are not satisfied with how their bellies look… But there is a solution! ? Does a flat belly have to be your goal? Of course not! However, we are talking about it because what can be an aesthetic problem for you can also affect the functioning of your body, putting a strain on …
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Google for Startups

PelviFly – Google acceleration Google for Startups Residency brings growth-stage startups the best of Google’s products, connections, and best practices. Each startup receives tailored mentorship and workspace at our Campuses in London, Madrid, São Paulo, Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw. Earlier this year, Google specialists chose PelviFly from hundreds of companies and invited us to …
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Painful sex. How can I help the issue?

Do I have to do something? Dyspareunia – a word little known to people but unfortunately it is an affliction which affects more and more of us. It is a sexual dysfunction manifested in pain during intercourse without accompanying contraction of the vulva and vagina. Pain may be felt during intercourse or just after penetration. …
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Running – teach your muscles how to react properly

Run for your health When we want to get back into shape, running is often the first physical activity we think of, you have to remember however that any physical activity requires preparation. Many women who train professionally have problems with urinary incontinence. Not only can this be prevented, it can also be alleviated with active pelvic …

PelviFly in Urology News

Since 1997 Urology News has been the bimonthly magazine for the latest news & developments in Urology. Magazine is an invaluable resource for consultant and trainee urologists, academic urologists, urological nurses, physiotherapists and continence advisors. Womens Health Physio – Julia Herbert wrote articleThe conservative assessment and treatment of mixed urinary and anal incontinence in women …
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Kegel Balls: are they effective?

Do I need them? There are various accessories available on the market for pelvic floor muscle exercises, including geisha balls or vaginal cones. They have become very popular and are recommended by some specialists. Recently, they were included in some magazines for women. However, are they really fulfilling their role? Let’s start from the beginning, …

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